Feeling “Good”


Good Food Awards Finalist Seal 2012

We’re very happy to announce that Flying Goat Coffee was chosen this week as a national finalist in the second annual Good Food Awards.

There were hundreds of entries from across the country, so we consider this a great honor and a testament to exceptional coffee farming, dedicated sourcing and skilled roasting.

The winning coffee was our Ethiopia Moredocofe, produced by Haile Gebre in the Guji province near the Kenyan border.

While we’re always pleased when our coffees receive recognition, the Good Food Awards are special for a number of reasons. The bar for participation is set very high. Quality, of course, is imperative: the food or beverage must be authentic and “delicious, bringing joy to those who consume it.” Equally important to the GFA organizers, however, is “responsible” production; all food products must meet a long list of environmental, ethical and social standards in the way they are grown, manufactured or produced. The coffee category, in fact, required third party organic certification.

We’ve been advocates for the twin goals of quality and sustainability since we first opened our doors over 15 years ago. We’re pleased that there is now a venue to reward all like-minded food and beverage producers and we’re thrilled to be on the same list with them.

Here is a list of all the finalists and categories.