The Bean, The Whole Beautiful Bean!



Grinding whole bean coffee just before brewing is an indispensable step to experiencing its peak flavor and aroma.  Once coffee is ground, and its delicate flavor oils are exposed to air, it is almost immediately affected by staling and oxidation.  Even the best coffee is vulnerable to losing crispness of flavor and aroma just minutes after grinding.  We believe so strongly in the virtue of grinding just before brewing that we sell our coffees in whole bean only.  After everything we put into finding the world’s best coffees, roasting them perfectly and shipping them to you just hours out of the roaster, we wouldn’t feel right about selling our coffees any other way.  If you don’t own a grinder, we recommend buying a good one (personally, we consider the grinder the most important piece of coffee equipment you can own). Email us for our list of FGC-recommended grinders.