Since 1994, Flying Goat Coffee has been sourcing, roasting and serving the best coffees in the world. We work at every stage of the supply chain — from farm to roaster to cup — with the twin goals of quality and responsibility driving us at every step.  Most of the coffee we buy comes from farmers we work with directly. The coffee they produce for us is the result of long-nurtured relationships based on trust, fairness and a genuine respect for the day to day challenges coffee farmers face.  

Here at home, we approach our wholesale partnerships with the same dedication.  Coffee can only be as good as the person preparing it. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure these coffees will get noticed when they finally end up in someone’s cup.  

All the fundamentals must be in place before that coffee can reveal its true potential. The barista matters. The training matters. The equipment matters too. Whether you are a long-time coffee pro, or a passionate greenhorn, we will give you everything you need to prepare and serve the best coffee in the world. The kind of coffee people will come back for. That’s what drives us. 

Training and Support

We’ve trained thousands of talented coffee people over the years at Flying Goat Coffee. We never get tired of watching a newly-certified barista jump onto a busy bar with a healthy dose of confidence and optimism. Truth be told, our training and support programs are the most important part of our wholesale program. In the world of specialty beverages, coffee is unique. It requires a few extra steps beyond just popping a cork and serving. Preparing and serving great coffee requires basic brewing science, preparation skills and an honest understanding of what defines great coffee. Our training programs are comprehensive and hands on, and include as much trainer time as necessary to make sure your new barista is fully prepared to serve excellent coffee.

Equipment Sales

In the 20 plus years that we’ve dedicated ourselves to top notch coffee, we’ve managed to build some great relationships with the best coffee equipment manufacturers in the industry. At this point, it’s likely that we’ve tested nearly every brand and model of coffee-making equipment out there. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can tell you the difference between the workhorses and the pretenders. With our unique Partner Pricing Program, our goal is to get you set up with the best equipment possible so that you can prepare and serve standout coffee. The equipment really does matter.

Bar Design and Menu Consultation

Espresso, pour-over, batch brew, nitro coffee? What’s right for you? After helping hundreds of our customers design, refine and launch successful coffee programs, we have a pretty good idea about what’s going to work and why. The end goal for any coffee program is always success through quality, but there can be many different ways to get there. Truth is, a full-blown espresso program might be just the right fit for some, while a simple but efficient pour-over program might be a better choice for others. From bar layout to menu development to equipment choice, we’ll help you design, build and launch a truly great coffee program.

Equipment Service and Support

Flying Goat Coffee technicians are certified for all the equipment they work on. That’s important. They’re also speedy, efficient and friendly. That’s important too. Their best quality, however, may be FGC tech’s genuine desire to get great coffee flowing again when your equipment breaks. That really makes them happy. From gaskets to full rebuilds, they’re ready to go. Just call.