Gems in Peru

FGC’s green coffee buyer, Phil Anacker, recently returned from the Cusco region in Peru, where he discovered what’s possible in the way of fantastic small lot coffees when one of the largest (and not a little corrupt) growers’  cooperatives suddenly dissolves from political infighting. In the small and slightly warm town of Quillabamba, Phil cupped […]

Jesse B’s Honduras Visit

Honduras Cup of Excellence 2014 by Jesse Bladyka Earlier this month, I traveled to San Pedro Sula to participate in the 11th Cup of Excellence Honduras. Cup of Excellence is a program administered by the non-profit Alliance for Coffee Excellence which aims to identify and promote exemplary coffees within a coffee producing country. These extraordinary […]

Good as Gold

Flying Goat Coffee Wins Good Food Award and Special Gold Seal Distinction Good Food Awards Gold Seal 2013 We like awards as much as anyone, but being picked as this year’s winner in the Good Food Awards coffee category was a big thrill for us. Not only was our coffee chosen for cup quality out […]

Tintype Prints by Caitlin McCaffery @ the Healdsburg Store

The Healdsburg café is currently showing tintype prints created by talented Bay Area photographer Caitlin McCaffrey. The prints are of Greek and Roman statuary and were made using the painstaking collodion process, a printing method popularized in the 1850s. They’re big, beautiful and worth a look, especially in afternoon light. They’ll be showing through the […]

Feeling “Good”

We’re very happy to announce that Flying Goat Coffee was chosen this week as a national finalist in the second annual Good Food Awards. There were hundreds of entries from across the country, so we consider this a great honor and a testament to exceptional coffee farming, dedicated sourcing and skilled roasting. The winning coffee […]

Best of Panama

FGC’s green coffee buyer, Phil Anacker, just returned from Boquete, Panama, where he participated with 15 other international jurors in the Best of Panama Competition. As a producing country, Panama’s output is tiny; in terms of quality, however, it’s a giant. The discovery of the now famous Gesha cultivar on the Peterson Family’s Hacienda La […]

FGC Again Wins Best Coffee House Vote

Recognition in any form for the work we do is always great to receive. It’s particularly rewarding when it comes directly from our customers. Thank you to all the FGC fans that again voted us Best Coffeehouse of the North Bay! Expect even more from us in the coming year.


Tonight: March 19 from 8 to 10 PM Come to Healdsburg tonight to meet all three artists whose work is currently on display in the original FGC cafe. B.L.T. is the ongoing Collaborative Painting Project of Bob Stang, Lisa Beerntsen, & Tony Speirs. Their work will be up through May, but tonight will be the […]

The Bean, The Whole Beautiful Bean!

Grinding whole bean coffee just before brewing is an indispensable step to experiencing its peak flavor and aroma.  Once coffee is ground, and its delicate flavor oils are exposed to air, it is almost immediately affected by staling and oxidation.  Even the best coffee is vulnerable to losing crispness of flavor and aroma just minutes […]

What’s a Honey?

We’ve received a number of customer questions regarding the term “honey process” used to describe some of the Central American coffees on our offering page. Since we will be bringing in a number of these coffees this year, we thought a detailed explanation was in order. “Coffee processing” refers to the method of removing the […]