Espresso No. 9

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Luis Alberto Monge, Ricardo PĂ©rez, Smallholders from Konga Township


Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia

Process Method:__

Honey/Pulped Natural, Sun Dried, Washed

Blend Components:__

La Lia, Yirgacheffe

Tasting Notes:_ ___

Very Sweet / Tangy Fruit / Caramel / Vanilla

Flying Goat Coffee – Espresso No. 9

As our go-to blend made famous in the Flying Goat Cafes, Espresso No. 9 is a seasonally fresh combination of up to four great coffees roasted and blended to create repeatable espresso perfection.

Recommended brewing parameters:
Dose: 18 to 21 grams
Brew Temp: 201 degrees F (94 C)
Brew Time: 25 to 30 Seconds
Total Liquid Volume: 1.5 Ounces (45 ml.)