Kenya Ichamama AA

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Othaya Farming Cooperative Society




SL 28, SL 34

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Farm Elevation:__


Tasting Notes:_ ___ Cassis / White Grape/ Silky Body

This coffee is sourced from the eastern slopes of the Aberdares mountains in Nyeri County, where there are many family owned farms located around the Ichamama Factory (in Kenya they call the milling stations that process coffee fruit “factories”).  Approximately 1,100 farmers combine their crop to create this lot, most of them growing coffee on very small plots with roughly 250 trees. The producers belong to the Othaya Farming Cooperative Society, who operates a dry mill in Gatuyaini. The AA distinction of this coffee is simply a size classification, which allows for a consistent and superb performance in our roaster, and translates into a more nuanced cup for you!