Honduras Ana Letis Reyes

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Ana Letis Reyes


Santa Barbara

Micro Region:__

San Jose Los Andes



Process Method:__


Farm Elevation:__

1700 masl

Tasting Notes:_ ___ Creamy / Apple / Caramel

This coffee is the second exportable crop from the farm of Ana Letis Reyes. Situated more than 1700 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest farms on Santa Barbara Mountain. It lies close to the boundary of the national park and far above the picturesque Lake Yojoa. On her 3 manzanas, (roughly five acres), Ana Letis is producing a cultivar known as Pacas, a dwarf mutation of the highly prized bourbon coffee famous for its quality throughout Central America. Because of the climate and altitude of this farm, it has a late harvest, extending all the way into July, months later than the majority of Central American coffees.

Two years ago, Ana Letis invested the earnings from her first export in the construction of her own processing mill. This has allowed for more prompt processing of her coffee, better sorting, and an overall better attention to detail in this essential stage of coffee production.

In the cup this coffee presents a supple, juicy body, apple and apricot acidity, a light caramel and honey sweetness and a crisp clean finish. We are very excited about the quality that this coffee has shown this year, and we expect that this quality will only grow in years to come as the plants continue to mature.

Calzando Piecitos, Dibujando Sonrisas (Covering Little Feet, Drawing Smiles):

When we visited Ana Letis Farm in January 2015, we had to hike from the Aldea of San Jose Los Andes, roughly three miles of steep and muddy/rocky terrain. Ana Letis was leading the way, and we learned that she serves as a caregiver for many children in the area who have parents that work or live far away. Several of these children accompanied us on the hike up to the farm, through intermittent rain showers and chilly temperatures for the season. On the way down from the farm, one of our Honduran colleagues remarked on the lack of basic resources in the region, one of the hardest things to find being shoes for children. We decided to collaborate to bring shoes to coffee producing areas and with help from friends in Honduras, and the Flying Goat Coffee community, we collected over 100 pairs of children’s shoes that were distributed to young Hondurans in coffee producing communities all over the country, including the kids that joined us on that muddy and rainy journey. We know that the challenges facing every community in the world are complex, and while we address these complexities as best as we can, we remember that sometimes a small and immediate gesture can make a significant difference in many young lives.