Ethiopia Yukro

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Yukro Cooperative


Gera Woreda, Jimma

Farm Elevation:__

1800-2000 masl


Mixed Native

Process Method:__


Tasting Notes: Blackberry / Citrus Zest / Melon

The Yukro Multipurpose Farmer’s Cooperative is located in Gera Woreda, Jimma Ethiopia and is comprised of over 400 coffee producers. Over the last several years, improvements in processing and increased access to market have allowed what was a previously unknown potential to be fulfilled and expressed in this delicious cup. The location of Yukro, to the west of the famous Yirgacheffe origin, places it near the birthplace of coffee and we believe that this contributes to its intense aromatic elements and dynamic acid articulation. This coffee is adventurous yet refined, complex, yet accessible and has a brilliant acidity that surrounds a core of sweet, long lasting flavors.