Ecuador Las Tolas

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Gilda Carrascal



Micro Region:__

Las Tolas



Process Method:__


Farm Elevation:__

1800 masl

Tasting Notes:_ ___ Concord Grape / Apricot / Honeysuckle

Every once in a while, a coffee comes along that changes everything we thought we knew about a country of origin. Less often, a coffee is able to defy our expectations of a cultivar. In graceful and luminous fashion, this Pacamara from Ecuador has done both. It is a very special coffee from a very special place. For the indigenous Yumbos, who based their year on a lunar calendar, Las Tolas proved to be the only valley with enough of a break in the clouds to provide a clear view of the moon. It is a sacred area with ruins still scattered across its forests. The valley has outstanding altitude (1800-2100 masl), fertile soils, and receives an annual average of 1700mm of rainfall.

Gilda Carrascal is part of a small group of farmers in the area who are redefining the standards of specialty coffee in Ecuador, this Pacamara exhibits a delicate floral and tropically sweet character, and has a soothing body that pleases any palate and intrigues the connoisseur.