Decaf Peru El Palto

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Cajamarca, Yamon


Armando Irigoin Campos, Evelio Mestanza Cruz


Pacha, Typica

Process Method:__

Swiss Water, Washed



Tasting Notes:_ ___

Graham Cracker / Brown Sugar / Medium Body

There are many things that make this coffee special, but two stand out: the extraordinary producers who worked so hard to provide us with the coffee, and the careful process by which it was decaffeinated.

Often times decaf coffee is an afterthought, and many of the coffees that are chosen to be decaffeinated throughout the world are old coffees, or coffees of inferior quality. At Flying Goat Coffee we reject the notion that decaf drinkers should be relegated to the margins of specialty coffee and our Peru El Palto is a perfect example of how we can do a better job. This lot of coffee was selected by the team at Flying Goat Coffee for its balance, sweetness and mild acidity. We use the same standards when selecting a coffee for decaffeination as we do for all of our single origin coffees. Once we have selected the lot, we send it to be decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. This unique process uses gentle technology to remove caffeine while leaving the flavor of the coffee fully intact and enjoyable.

The coffee itself comes from two members of the Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco El Palto in the mountains of northern Peru. Founded in 2003, this Cooperative now has nearly 200 members, meets the standards of Fairtrade USA and is producing some of the finest coffees in Peru. We are happy to offer this decaf as a Certified Organic Coffee.